The 15 Most Popular Social Media Sites for Entrepreneurs

Social media sites offer unprecedented access for entrepreneurs to advice from some of the greatest business minds of our time. So how could you find advice worth your time? You don’t have to monitor every social media platform to get the best advice. Here are 15 popular social media sites for you.

1. Band of Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. It is a non-profit organization that offers resources in public relations, technology, finance, and legal help.

2. Angel Investor Group on LinkedIn. It is highly regarded as a worthwhile resources for an inside look into the world of angel investors.

3. Ali Brown on Twitter. As a business mentor, and mom to twins, Ali Brown is a resource for women launching their own businesses.

4. Heather Whaling on Twitter. Heather Whaling offers an authentic, real-time look at the ups and downs of operating a growing business.

5. Strive Masiyiwa on Facebook. Dr. Strive Masiyiwa is a resource for entrepreneurs who hope to make not only profit but also a difference through their endeavors.


6. Cleverism on Facebook. Cleverism’s Facebook page is perfect for start-up companies. Check it out to get marketing and product development tips.

7. Andy Frisella on Instagram. If you’re looking for a real perspective on the life of an entrepreneur, Andy Frisella is a guy worth getting to know.

8. Zig Ziglar on Instagram. Being an entrepreneur is hard, and you need some inspirational quotes. Zig has those in large supply on his Instagram.


9. Buffer on Medium. Want to know what other CEOs make, or what they pay employees? Buffer can help you.

10. Biz Stone on Medium. Biz Stone is a serial startup-preneur in the social space. Stone does that with his own content on Medium.

11. Brian Fanzo on Snapchat. As one of the earliest Snapchat adopters, Brian Fanzo has built an incredibly loyal group of followers to his brand—iSocialFanz.

12. Gary Vaynerchuk on Snapchat. Gary Vee is full of stories about successful entrepreneurship that’ll make you more inspired.

13. on YouTube. If you’re looking for help with project management for new business, is a good resource.

14. Behind the Brand on YouTube. The best way to know how to develop your own brand is to see how other businesses operate. That’s the purpose of Behind the Brand.

15. Savvy sexy social on YouTube. As a business owner, you will be never really done with work, but this channel can make you feel like you still have a savvy and sexy social life!

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